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What qualities do you need to practice before betting on football

The long, bumpy road to cyber incident reporting legislation — and the one still ahead

“This is the first comprehensive requirement for all sectors of critical infrastructure to report incidents and ransomware payments,” the aide...


SolarWinds CEO reveals much earlier hack timeline, regrets company blaming intern

“I have long held a belief system and an attitude that you never flog failures,” he said. “You want your...


FIN7 scammers posed as SEC officials, sick restaurant customers to hack victims

The FIN7 gang, which researchers have blamed for more than $1 billion in theft since 2015, relied on more than 70 members...

Window Cleaning

First major voting vendor, Hart InterCivic, partners with Microsoft on ambitious software security tool ElectionGuard

The ElectionGuard open-source software development kit gives voters a unique code to track their encrypted vote and confirm it wasn’t manipulated,...